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We have collected many auto calculators that may simplify sometimes complex design task. Many auto calculators are created to specific application. Some auto calculators have been created within a school project. If you know someone who created auto calculator and would like to share it with public, please contact us. It does not have to be electronics related one. We will gladly add new auto calculator to already large collection.   ADD MY AUTOCALCULATOR

AMZ Op-Amp Noise Calculator - enter nV/root Hz Equivalent Input Noise Voltage, pA/root Hz Equivalent Input Noise Current, ohms, Non-inverting resistance, ohms, Inverting resistance.
Excel formula calculates standard 1% resistor values  Presented Excle formula calculates the nearest standard 1% resistor value without using a lookup table or macro. Type or electronically paste presented formula text into any cell, other than A1. The formula will calculate the nearest 1% resistor for the value in cell A1.  Electronic Design Magazine, Jan 21, 2001, Ideas for design, page 52.  83_Excel-formula_calculates_standard_1%_resistor_values_jpg_176kB    
Signal to Noise Ratio Autocalculator - using Excel  SNR_Autocalculator
Resistive Divider Autocalculator  - using Excel  Resistive Divider Autocalculator
Calculators On Line Center - Jim Martindale
G - Weighting Ultrasonic  calculator
A,B,C,U,AU Weighting  calculator
A, B, C Weighting Feature
A, B, C, D Weighting Feature
D - Weighted Sound Level: DLm (Historicall dB(D)
A Weighting Formula & Acoustics FAQ
Noise Weighting Curves
Speaker Level Per Power, Distance calculator
dBm-Voltage-Impedance  calculator
Balanced Noise Criterion calculator
Capacitance-Frequency-Inductance  calculator
Resistance-Frequency-Capacitance  calculator
Voltage-Current-Resistance-Power  calculator
L or C Reactance - Capacitive or inductive reactance and resonant frequency. For ideal devices only, resistance not included
R and L Time Calculator
Speed of Sound  calculator
Absorption Coefficient  calculator
JavaScript Decibel calculators
Crossover calculator
Reverb calculator - computes RT60
Volume per dB - Listening Demo
Frequency - Octave Numbers & Toning Info
Frequency - Octaves, Semitones
Frequency - Demo, Play a Piano / Synthesizer / Oscilloscope
Frequency Charts - Piano Keyboard
Frequency Chart - Various Instruments & Voices
Frequency Chart - Equal Temperament
Frequency - Highest F to be heard by human
Wavelength Calculator - Metric Units
Wavelength Calculator - English Units
Wavelength of Sound  - Calculator
What Is Pitch?
Tone Definition
DTMF Chart
DTMF Chart
DTMF Chart
DTMF Chart
DTMF Demo with Scope, Spectra  
BrainWave Generator
Wolf Tone -  WWWBoard
Voice Frequency Telegraphy - VFT   
Voice Frequency Compander - DSP based
Voice Transmission Rules - Wireless
The Helium "Donald Duck" Effect
Equal Loudness Contours - Revising
Equal Loudness Curves
Equal Loudness Fletcher - Munson Curves
Equal Loudness Curves -  A, B, C Weighting Networks
Equal Loudness Contours
Equal Loudness Curves
Factors Influencing Equal Loudness Level Contours
Determination of Two Dimensional Equal Loudness Contours
Equal Loudness - Phons and Sones
Phon - Definition, Curves, Formulas
Equal Temperament - Equal Tempered Intervals, Pythagorean  
Doppler Effect
Beats - Beat Frequency
Sound Compression - Compressors, Manipulating Dynamic Range
Sound Compressor, Expander, Noise Gate, Softknee, Hardknee, Eigentone, Echo
Noise Spectrum Types, Noise Color - White, Pink, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, Brown, Black
Threshold of Hearing - Threshold of Audibility
Sound Components - Pitch, Timbre, Harmonics, Loudness, Rhythm, Attack, Sustain, Decay, Speed
Sound Level Tables
How Does the Decibel Level of a Sound Effect A Person's Hearing - dB SPL scale from 0 to 160 
Interactive Demonstrations - Experiments in Sound, Hearing, Speech
ABX, Probability of Experiment Being the Same as Random Guesses
Resistor Color Coder - for 1% resistors
Resistor Color Code Interpreter - Uses check boxes instead of pulldown menus, also calculates the equivalent value of two resistors in parallel, for 5% resistors
Graphical Resistor Color Code - Uses pulldown menus and a realistic picture of a resistor - for 5% resistors  
Voltage Divider Calculator -  Solves voltage, current, and power dissipation problems for two element resistive voltage dividers
Resistance, Reactance & Impedance -  Solves passive series RLC networks, for reactance, impedance and phase angle. Polar Coordinates (Ohms, Degrees, Radians), Rectangular Coordinates (Ohms Real, Imaginary), Circuit Reactance (Ohms Inductive, Capacitive)
Ohms Law - Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power. Enter any two unknowns and solve for the other two
LED Series Resistance - Finds the series resistance for various series LED combinations and supply voltages
555 Timer - Frequency and Duty Cycle.  Calculates positive and negative time intervals for the 555 timer based on R and C values. Also contains descriptions and operation of each input and output of the timer and schematics for the two basic modes of operation (monostable or "one-shot" and astable or "rectangular wave oscillator"). Also contains a pictorial diagram of the timer connected as a LED flasher and a table of connections for the 556 timer (dual 555 timer).
RC Time - Solve R and C values for given values of time or instantaneous voltages.
RC Time Constant - A percentage computed, no multipliers used
Tuned RLC Circuit
Energizer Battery Data - Capacity, Weight, Size, etc.
Sound Waves and the Eardrum - Visual demo
Properties of sound in air - Calculator, velocity per temperature, frequency, wavelength
Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility - University of Maryland Physics Lecture, wide range of experiments described, often with useful info
Acoustics and Vibration Animations - Animations visualize certain concepts concerning acoustics and vibration, By Dan Russell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Applied Physics at Kettering University in Flint, MI
More animations and various sound demos & visual presentations  Acoustics Animations & Sound Interractive Demos
Power Cable Calculator  - Table
Online calculation of Earth's magnetic field
Gregorian Calendar - Displays any month from Oct 1582 forward
Damping Factor Calculator - CAT 5 DIY Interconnects and Speaker Cable CookBook        Damping Factor
Speaker cable gauge Calculator